Reading with Robyn: Have Fun, Molly Lou Melon!

This week Robyn reads “Have Fun, Molly Lou Melon‘ written by Patty Lovell and illustrated by David Catrow. Robyn chose it because it’s all about using your imagination to create all kinds of happiness and fun.

Here’s a synopsis we think sums it up well:
Molly Lou Melon’s grandma taught her to be happy with herself no matter what, but that’s not all she learned. Molly Lou heard all about how her grandma didn’t have fancy store-bought toys when she was little. She made dolls out of twigs and flowers and created her own fun in her backyard. So Molly Lou does just that, proving that the best thing to play with is a huge imagination!

Robyn’s grandma loved looking up at the clouds. We hope you enjoyed this story, and keep using your imagination!