Reflections from Rev Glenn

Hi Manitou Church Friends,

So, after 42 years of church ministry, it seems like I just can’t get enough. I’ve offered Pastor Gaye to take on her administrative tasks and free her up to do more of the pastoring stuff she is so good at. The Church Council leaders accepted this offer and agreed to my volunteer role as the church’s “Administrative Pastor.” I will work on church management issues, coordinate communications, monitor the church finances (along with Sue and Andy and Tina and Linda), and other kinds of things that a church administrator might do. This morning, I went to the church, reset and updated the church computer, reloaded a mouse trap (after discarding the old mouse–no, a real dead rodent, not a computer mouse), listened to 25 phone messages, sorted through some mail, and dusted off the desk for work.

While, I won’t have regular office hours for now, if anyone needs something in the church or office, let me know, and I will meet you there for whatever you might need. If you need to contact me, you can use this email anytime: As always you can reach Gaye at

We will soon need to have some folks who might be willing to open up our church office on a limited basis, as we get back together again soon, so if being a church office volunteer is something that interests you, let me know–we could certainly use someone with some creative “re-organizing” gifts, especially as we dust off the months of being closed.

We’ve accumulated about a year’s worth of the devotional guide (from the Presbyterians) “THESE DAYS” in the office during these COVID days. I believe we’ve cancelled it for now, but if anyone would like a copy, let me know, and I will hand-deliver it to your home (just share the address with me).

Finally, while my official retirement date as a United Methodist Minister occurred on July 1st, the Florida Conference retirement worship service and ceremony is this Saturday; albeit, it will be done virtually on an Annual Conference-wide Zoom meeting. I wrote a reflection of my ministry career (only one paragraph will be read during the retirement ceremony) and I thought I would share it with you.

CLICK HERE to read my reflections

So, Pastor Gaye is fully available to be your pastor and I’m fully available to help our lay leadership run and manage the church. Don’t hesitate to let either of us know how we can best help you!

–Rev Glenn

Rev. Dr. T. Glenn Bosley-Mitchell,
Administrative Pastor/Volunteer
Manitou Community Church