Virtual Worship Glitch

Sometimes, glitches happen! And this morning, Facebook seemed overwhelmed with churches doing livestream stuff, so we never got on Live. However, we are able to live-record our worship and now it is available for anyone to watch on the church’s Facebook page and website. Our recording software, arbitrarily split the worship into two parts, so there are two videos (ha-ha, it split Pastor Gaye’s sermon in half). Such is life doing church in a virtual world!

Here’s the links:
Sunday Worship Part A
Sunday Worship Part B

You can also find today’s worship video on our website at

NEW Topic: I’ve been wrestling with how to connect with the folks in our congregation that don’t do computers, so I hearkened back to the days when I pastored churches and we used to provide cassette tapes (and then CD’s) of our worship services. We already record a video of our virtual worship, so why not convert the video into an audio file, record it on a CD and distribute these out to those who cannot join us on Facebook or through the church’s website?

Well, I think we could! We need a handful of folks who would be excited and willing to take this on as a regular project for our membership:

We need: someone to burn CD’s, someone to print out a copy of our worship details, someone to recruit some folks (maybe some young or old artists) to prepare a greeting card, someone to compile all the items (CD, worship details bulletin, greeting card, etc.) in an envelope and then some folks to hand-deliver them to those at home who can’t join us online (we could mail them to anyone who might live outside our community). We probably need to be sure that folks have access to a CD player! Who wants to be the team leader for this task of reaching out to our members? And others, who might throw in a few dollars to pay for the blank cd’s, paper, envelopes, etc? It’s not a solo project, so who wants to do some “teamwork”?

If this is something that strikes your fancy, then reach out and let us know at

Grace and Peace,

Reverend Glenn

Rev. Dr. T. Glenn Bosley-Mitchell, Clergy Spouse