This quaint and sacred space at the foot of Pikes Peak brings a spirit of beauty and balance to lives joined together in Christian marriage.  Sacred music and symbols celebrate the blessings of family and friends brought together in God’s good grace.  The sanctuary comfortably seats around 150 guests.  There are any number of excellent facilities located nearby the church for wedding receptions and rehearsal dinners here in Manitou Springs.

Due to the number of wedding ceremonies held every year at this church, couples are encouraged to contact the office at least three months in advance for reservations.  Couples are required to meet with the minister and attend a Sunday morning church service at least two months prior to their wedding date.  Additional information about the ceremony and music can be shared at these times.

Wedding Fees for use of the Church

The following fees, policies and guidelines have been established to address some of your questions. Please read carefully and if there are additional questions contact the minister or church secretary.

Item Fee
Use of the Church Facilities (4 hour maximum on wedding day) $300
Minister (for non-members) $250
Organist $150
Rehearsals for Special Music $30 per hour
Wedding Director $150
Community Center Reception Facilities $250

A non-refundable reservation deposit equal to the Sanctuary fee ($300) is due immediately to confirm the date and time of the wedding.   (Note:  If the church has not received a response within two months of the date requested, the time requested will be relinquished.)


To simplify bookkeeping, we request checks to the pastor, organist & wedding director be issued individually.  The Church office will provide their names.

Policies and Guidelines for Church Weddings

The following guidelines and procedures are required at all weddings performed in this church.

OFFICIANT:  The minister of this church presides at all wedding services.  Couples need to make an appointment with the minister at least two months before their wedding for counseling and a review of the ceremony.  All couples are required to attend at least one of our Sunday morning church services that begin at 10 a.m., enabling them to experience the grace and beauty of God’s presence in this sacred place.

MUSIC:  The church organist performs music for all weddings.  Pre-recorded music is not permitted.  All music will reflect the spirit of Christian worship and be approved by the organist.  Couples will consult with the organist at least two months in advance of the wedding ceremony.  If a vocal or instrumental soloist is involved, a special rehearsal at the church will be scheduled at the discretion of the church organist. Soloists are expected to have their music well-prepared.  A maximum one hour rehearsal will be required for each additional special piece of music at a fee of $30.

SEATING & PARKING:  The sanctuary seats approximately 150 people.  Parking is located behind the church and on Pawnee Avenue.  Persons with disabilities may park in designated Handicapped Areas or in the Church Office driveway to the south of the sanctuary.  An elevator is available for persons needing assistance.

RECEPTIONS:  The church Fellowship Hall is available for wedding receptions.  Please check with the office for details and regulations.  If you’d like recommendation on other facilities to rent in the Manitou Springs area, we’d be happy to pass them along to you.

PHOTOGRAPHS: This church respects the sacredness of God’s presence during the wedding service.  Photographs and videos are permitted during the ceremony, provided the photographer checks in with the minister prior to the wedding on guidelines.  Pictures may be taken immediately afterwards, in concert with the minister and your photographer.  Any photographs taken before the ceremony must be completed 20 minutes before the wedding is to begin.

DECORATIONS:  Plans for flowers or other decorations must be discussed with the minister and wedding director before final arrangements are made with a florist.  Decorations must be simple and tasteful.  No aisle runners please.  If you have a flower girl and want her to toss petals, please be sure they are silk flowers.  No flowers may be placed upon the pulpit, piano or organ.  Flower stands are available for your use. 

SMOKING & ALCOHOL:  All areas of the church (inside and outside) are smoke free.  Use of any tobacco products or alcohol on or around the premises is strictly forbidden.  Please make sure your guests understand these rules and are respectful of them.

MARRIAGE LICENSE:  A valid state marriage license must be obtained one month prior to the wedding. Please bring the license to your wedding rehearsal.

REHEARSAL: Rehearsal usually take place on the afternoon or evening before the wedding, unless ceremony is very small.  The minister, organist and wedding director will be there to assist you.  The wedding party should all be present and on time.  Allow ample time for travel if quests are arriving from out of town and make sure they have directions to the church.  NOTE:  Please make sure all guests are respectful of the sacredness of the church and wearproper attire to the rehearsal.

RECEIVING LINES:  No receiving lines will take place at the church.  It is proper etiquette after religious services to greet your guests at the place of your wedding reception.


Users will indemnify the church and save it harmless from any and all claims, liability and expense in connection with loss of life, personal injury and/or damage to property arising from or out of any occurrence in, upon or at the church premises, arising out of the use thereof, or occasioned wholly or in part by any act or omission of some third party.

Attorney’s Fees and Costs:  In case the church shall be made a party to any litigation commenced by or against the church, then user shall pay all costs, expenses and reasonable attorney fees incurred or paid by the church in connection with such litigation.  User shall also pay all costs, expenses and reasonable attorney fees that may be incurred or paid by the church in enforcing any of the rules or agreements in this agreement.