What is Women’s Fellowship?

Did you know you are automatically a member of Women’s Fellowship if you attend the Community Congregational Church? Or if you help with any of our projects? This is an all-inclusive group of women of the church and community.

This fellowship has been in existence many decades. We have gatherings and activities throughout the year, as well as fund raisers like garage sales, Christmas Bazaar, a summer picnic, as well as the recent Christmas party, etc. We sponsored the stained glass window above the west doors of the Fellowship Hall and in earlier years the stained glass window on the north side of the transept as pictured here.

Our money supports the church’s general fund, the La Puente Community Outreach programs in the San Louis Valley, and five United Church of Christ campaigns (this qualifies our church to be designated as a Five for Five contributor of the National UCC),

Locally, we donate to the Manitou Springs Volunteer Fire Department, Christmas at Miramont Castle, and Westside Cares. We contribute diapers, supplies for Kids Kits, and food items for Christmas baskets to WSC.

Please understand that you are automatically a part of this active women’s group and plan to join in the various activities. All are welcome.