A Pilgrim’s Progress

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“When I get to be 25, I’ll finally be through with school.

  by Rhoda Cordry

I was 22 and graduated from college. I began to suspect how ignorant I was. What was all that schooling for anyway? I was told that the education was the goal.

At 35 I began to see other worlds right around me.

At 42 I became aware of learning things I had not known existed. I read and read.

At 52 I left public school teaching and entered local goings on. I was entering a new world. This world was not about kids, not about curriculum and not about me being discontent with me. This world required a new vocabulary; had new challenge and new associates. It was a wholly new life.

The challenges lead to great rewards.

At (70) educational programs for seniors (in my case, PILLAR) sent me off into quantum physics, philosophy, current events, and crowds of interesting people!

Lately, I have been getting to know and appreciate people here, in this church, who are also full of wonder and curiosity. This environment offers more studying, growing and friendships.

Are all lives like mine? Are we all pilgrims growing, always searching and digging deeply to find choices?

It’s up to me, up to you, to do the work of learning and teaching ourselves. No one can do it for us.

We must out grow the old and grow into the new forevermore.


Thank you, Rhoda for sharing with us. Together, we learn, make a difference, and grow.

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