A Prayer for the Election

Dear Manitou Church Friends,

Early in my ministry, I served in Tampa, alongside the author of this prayer and I share it with you with her permission:

Holy God⁠
One yet Three⁠
Reach into the abundance of your companionship⁠
Bring forth unity and healing in our land⁠

Cover this election with fairness and dignity⁠
Dismantle voter suppression and intimidation⁠
Grant simple, safe, equal access to the polls⁠
Make the way for all voices to be heard⁠
All votes to be counted⁠

Cover this election with grace and integrity⁠
Protect the process from corruption⁠
Strengthen all working for an honorable election⁠
Make the way for all voices to be valued⁠
All results to be trustworthy⁠

Cover this election with compassion and hope⁠
As we await results and move into a new era⁠
Soften and soothe hard, violent hearts⁠
Rain down generosity of spirit and a⁠
commitment to the common good⁠
So all may know blessing and opportunity and belonging. ⁠

A Prayer for the Election
© 2020 Lisa Ann Moss Degrenia⁠

With Health and Wholeness,

Rev. Gaye Bosley-Mitchell, Pastor