• Encountering the Stranger
    Candace Woods, our guest preacher and pastor for the month of August writes: As a part of our Revolutionary Love series this August, you’re invited to help us decorate the altar with mementos/symbols of moments where you had an encounter with a stranger or with love that left you changed. Do you have a souvenirContinue Reading
  • Come study Revolutionary Love with us, Wednesdays at 6pm MT!
    Valarie Kaur was our keynote speaker at our Rocky Mountain UCC Annual Celebration and will be one of the keynote speakers at our United Church of Christ General Synod this July. Her work is not only revolutionary but speaks to the heart of Jesus’ teachings with a focus on radical love that encompasses others, ourContinue Reading
  • We often wonder where is God? Samuel does too!
    Our scripture reading for this coming Sunday is 1 Samuel 3. There must have been days when the young Samuel wondered what his mother had gotten him into. He had spent virtually his whole childhood assisting in the temple at Shiloh, training to become a full-time servant of God, loyally waiting on the priestly familyContinue Reading
  • Pentecost Sunday – May 23
    Ezekiel has a vision of a valley full of bones receiving life breath, sinew, and flesh after encountering the word of God. When they arise, they receive Spirit and they dance! As Easter people we celebrate the Spirit that continues to give life and breath to our dry bones. We dare to dance in theContinue Reading
  • Ascension Sunday, May 16
    Our scripture readings for this coming Sunday are found in Psalms 47:1-6 and in Luke 24:44-53. As Jesus prepares to leave the disciples, he opens their minds and blesses them. The result after he ascends is their return to Jerusalem with great joy and a desire for continually worshiping and blessing God in the temple.  What happens when theContinue Reading
  • Join us for worship on May 9 “in-side” or on Facebook….
    We are worshiping in-person inside our Sanctuary. We will also be live-streaming from the church sanctuary this week, so join us on Facebook on Sunday at 10 am (and then later our worship can be found on our church’s website). A printout [Click Here] of our worship details can be seen on our church’s websiteContinue Reading
  • Join us for “In-Person” worship in May
    We will have folks worshiping with us “in-person” this Sunday as we re-open our sanctuary during May for “in-person” worship. If you feel adventuresome, come Sunday and join us. We will still be practicing all the safe, social distancing protocols, so wear your mask and come early enough to get your temps checked and signContinue Reading
  • It’s the Dip!
    Our scripture readings for this coming Sunday-May 2 are found in Psalms 22:25-31 and in Acts 8:26-39. We are a resurrection people! Those who seek new life – new beginnings.And we, the church, must be a place of knowing and growing and accepting love.We hear today the question asked by the Ethiopian eunuch: “Here is water. WhatContinue Reading
  • Easter 4: “The Dance of Love”
    Easter is the unstoppable, unpredictable expression of God’s love for humankind! The call of Jesus is to live fully in the power of that love – alive in each of us.  We learn about that divine love as it is embodied in the person and ministry of Jesus, the one who is compared to a goodContinue Reading
    Continue Reading
  • Disbelieving or Dancing?
    This Sunday acknowledges that sometimes we are unsure about our steps in this world. For the disciples, even “while in their joy” at seeing Jesus after the resurrection, they were still “disbelieving and wondering.”  We are reminded that even though we may not know our next steps, we can be sure they will come becauseContinue Reading
  • Dare to Dance Again – Easter 2
    This is the Easter Season! Easter is not just one day of proclaiming that life and love are more powerful than death and hatred, but a whole “week of weeks,” as we call it–seven more weeks of daring to dance our dances with hope and passion. So let us continue our praise!  Dancing requires thatContinue Reading
  • Look Up Umbrella video
    Here is the video that Pastor Gaye talked about during our Easter Worship.It was created by an artist, Elizabeth Turk at the Mt. San Antonio Gardens, a senior living facility in California. She created the umbrellas designs and spoke with the residents about the pandemic and what they had done to keep their spirits up,Continue Reading
  • Easter Worship in the Park
    Join us for our Easter Sunday worship in the Park at 10am in the Fields Park of Manitou Springs (it’s the park just west of the tennis courts/skateboard park). Bring your blankets or lawn chairs and join your church friends and neighbors for our Easter Celebration. We still encourage folks to wear masks and followContinue Reading
  • Order of Worship for Sunday, March 21, 2021
    We continue our Lenten “season of recovery” as we focus on health as essential to our spiritual lives. The demands of following Jesus are great. He shows us that sometimes we must make extraordinary efforts to move in a new direction. As we consider the health of humanity, we cannot ignore the need to heal the very planetContinue Reading
  • Order of Worship for Sunday March 14, 2021
    We continue our Lenten “season of recovery” as we focus on health as essential to our spiritual lives. Prolonged times of difficulty can impede our ability to stay creative. The picture of our lives is dulled and hope for a brighter future can fade. We need a touch of inspiration to awaken us from our sleep, as weContinue Reading
  • Order of Worship for Sunday March 7, 2021
    We continue our Lenten “season of recovery” as we focus on health as essential to our spiritual lives.Those who collect beach glass often become “archeologists”–seeking out any markings or clues as to the story of the original piece. It often takes much time to bring out the truth behind it.  This week we acknowledge the powerContinue Reading
  • Here’s how to follow along in Worship this Sunday, Feb. 28
    The words of Jesus we heard in this week’s healing story were “I will come…” When faced with a request, Jesus makes a move to seek out, to come to help one who was previously seen to be outside of help’s embrace. He moves outward to gather in and heal someone unlikely to have crossedContinue Reading
  • Order of Worship for Ash Wednesday, February 17, 2021
    Ash Wednesday is a time of naming brokenness. As we enter the season of Lent, we commit to enter also into a season of healing and recovery that requires the naming of what has been shattered as a first step. We take “the yoke” of responsibility as disciples of Jesus to be the Body ofContinue Reading
  • Order of Worship for Sunday, February 14, 2021
    This is the one who calls us to follow. We can always ask which is the real Jesus? Is it the one who gets his hands dirty with the mud and spit of this world, or is it the one who stands on the mountain top and glows with a radiance divine? Well, of course,Continue Reading