• Church Cleanup
    Please join us October 8, 2022 to cleanup the grounds around the church. Bring any tools that can trim, rake, sweep, etc.. We will start at 8 am and be done before 12 pm. elvis.2178@yahoo.comContinue Reading
  • Potluck and Meet Sara
    We hope everyone will plan to stay after worship on Sunday for our Fifth Sunday Pot Luck (bring a dish to share). This gives us a great opportunity for fellowship and a chance to meet our preacher (Sara Weatherman) for the next couple of months. Come and share!Continue Reading
  • Stories of My Faith–My Last Sermons: Hagar
    God is calling us…     Out of the places we hide…Out of insecurity…     Out of shame… Out from under that which silences love and justice.Come out, people of God!Though we may be afraid…    Though we will be at riskThough the cross stands as a threatGod calls us to courage!Our God is aContinue Reading
  • Stories of My Faith–My Last Sermons: Esther
    I’ve decided to focus on three of my favorite Bible stories on my last three Sundays. So they will be as follows: July 3: Esther … (Esther 4:14) “For Such as Time as This”(not a direct link to Independence Day, but I will connect them) July 10:  Hagar … (Genesis 16 & 21) “God Remained With Them”(God’s loveContinue Reading
  • Help Wanted: Church Administrator
    The Community Congregational Church of Manitou Springs seeks to hire a Church Administrator. The job is part-time, 15-30 hours a week, depending on workload and deliverables. Pay begins at $18/hour.  Responsibilities include: *Manage the church office, Including office work, bulletins, files, membership data, contact info, office reception, coordinating office volunteers, etc. *Marketing deliverables, including facilitateContinue Reading
  • An Open Letter from our UCC National Officers
    Long before the Supreme Court decision in Roe v. Wade, the United Church of Christ, by action of the General Synod, affirmed the right of every individual to follow their personal religious and moral convictions regarding their reproductive healthcare. We continue to stand by this conviction today. This religious and moral agency includes the autonomyContinue Reading
  • PRIDE Sunday in Manitou — Join us! Wear Rainbow Colors
    Join us Sunday at 10am MT online on Facebook for our live-stream worship service AND inside our sanctuary for in-person worship. Come join us for Pride Worship at 10am Sunday June 26th and then walk down to Soda Springs Park for Manitou Pridefest. Come dressed for the competitions! Come AS you are, and WHO youContinue Reading
  • Hymns and Songs through the Ages
    Come join Eva Cavaillé-Coll and Danny White on First Fridays this Summer as they teach Hymns and Songs throughout the different periods of music. Learn the forms of the music, and composers, and sing excerpts of the hymns of each period Upcoming Events July 1 at 6pm Baroque and Classical Periods at Manitou Community ChurchContinue Reading
  • Juneteenth – Free at Last!
    Come, let us draw near to worship God, the great liberator.Those whom God sets free are free indeed.God brought God’s people out of bondage in Egypt; Adonai is the great liberator.Those whom God sets free are free indeed.God makes chains shatter and seas part. Barriers to freedom are not of God; they are tools of greed, domination, andContinue Reading
  • Join us Sunday at 10am MT online on Facebook for our live-stream worship service.
    Our health experts now say that most of Colorado is experiencing a rapid increase in COVID and our own congregation has experienced that fact, including your pastor. Given that, we have chosen to be pro-active in protecting our congregation and will have our worship service online only this week. Look for our online worship atContinue Reading
  • Pastor Gaye’s Retirement Letter to the Congregation
    June 1,2022 Dear Maribeth, Lyn, and Manitou Community Church Congregation: With this letter I am announcing my retirement on August 1, 2022 from parish ministry and as Settled Pastor and Head of Staff of Community Congregational Church of Manitou Springs. I have two weeks of vacation, which I have not yet been able to take,Continue Reading
  • From Our Moderators
    To the Congregation: With profound sadness, Council accepts Pastor Gaye’s letter of retirement. We very much appreciate her five years of service to this church and its people. Her joy, love of the congregation and passion for the Word will be deeply missed. Her tireless work in reviving our church and building relationships within itContinue Reading
  • Creation as Abundant Life
    All throughout this series we are turning to face all directions, symbolizing that our attention to God requires us to look all around us. Spirit of the Center, guardian of love,You who are the singing heart of the Universe,We ask you to be here now in this community,Help us to hear voices old and new,AndContinue Reading
  • Creation as Mother
    All throughout this series we are turning to face all directions, symbolizing that our attention to God requires us to look all around us. On this day, when our American “world” is trying to reconcile a sincere attempt to appreciate ALL that women give us: their bodies in pregnancy and birth, nurture, leadership, comfort, grace,Continue Reading
  • Come learn how God speaking thru Creation is Holy Scripture
    In this second week of our series on Creation Spirituality, we focus on the idea of “The Word of God Speaks…” creation as “scripture.” According to our ancient wisdom ALL of creation has a voice! Indeed, Mother Earth herself has a direct line of communication with God, such that when Cain murdered his brother, Abel’s spilledContinue Reading
  • Creation Spirituality
    During these Sundays between Easter and Pentecost, we are embarking on a 6-week worship journey into an exploration of Creation Spirituality—a theology that affirms God’s declaration that creation is “supremely good” (Common English Bible (CEB) translation) and that we are called to be that goodness in and for the world. I have learned of aContinue Reading
  • Easter Sunday Worship
    Join us Sunday at 10am MT online on Facebook for our live-stream worship service AND inside our sanctuary for in-person worship. Our Gospel reading is John 20:1-18 and you can download our Easter bulletin here. During the season of Lent, and this last week in Holy Week, we focused on growing gardens, tending the lifeContinue Reading
  • Maundy Thursday/Good Friday worship events
    Join us Thursday at 6:30pm MT online on Facebook for our live-stream worship service for Maundy Thursday AND inside our sanctuary on Friday (anytime between 11am – 2pm) for a personal time of devotional worship. You can download our worship details for Thursday here, and download our worship details for Friday here.Continue Reading
  • Holy Week Begins with Palm Sunday
    We stand at the precipice of Lent and Holy Week. This day moves from shouting and praising to a time of crying and lament. The drama of the story of Jesus’ last week reads like the book of our lives. Feeling hopeful one moment, we plummet the next as we deal with disappointment, danger, andContinue Reading
  • The God Who Loves All of Creation
    The story of Jesus includes many moments around tables, as this was part of his ritual of relationship even to the last. In this fifth week of the Lent season, we will hear a story of love and devotion from the disciple Mary, directed at Jesus at the table. As we will see, Jesus triesContinue Reading