Come study Revolutionary Love with us, Wednesdays at 6pm MT!

Valarie Kaur was our keynote speaker at our Rocky Mountain UCC Annual Celebration and will be one of the keynote speakers at our United Church of Christ General Synod this July. Her work is not only revolutionary but speaks to the heart of Jesus’ teachings with a focus on radical love that encompasses others, our opponents, and ourselves. She distills this path of love into understandable practices that not only help transform us but have the distinct power to transform communities like ours and the world at large!! Read what it says on the book jacket:

“How Do We Love In A Time Of Turmoil?:

How do we labor for the world we want when the labor feels endless? Valarie Kaur—renowned Sikh activist, filmmaker, and civil rights lawyer—declares revolutionary love as the call of our time, a radical, joyful practice that extends in three directions: to others, to our opponents, and to ourselves. It enjoins us to see no stranger but instead look at others and say: You are part of me I do not yet know. Starting from that place of wonder, the world begins to change: It is a practice that can transform a relationship, a community, a culture, even a nation…

Drawing from the wisdom of sages, scientists, and activists, Kaur reclaims love as an active, public, and revolutionary force that creates new possibilities for ourselves, our communities, and our world. See No Stranger helps us imagine new ways of being with each other—and with ourselves—so that together we can begin to build a world we want to see.

So join our community, either in-person (Community Hall) or via Zoom (email Pastor Gaye for the ZOOM link). If we desire to have more sessions of this study we can do so at our discretion!

FYI, we have ordered 5 books ($15 each) to be delivered to the church. Once you pay for one Pastor Gaye will email you scanned copies of the readings each week until they arrive.