Core Values and Bedrock Beliefs: Final Product.

The members of the Transition Team are very pleased with your responses to Interim Pastor Reid’s sermon presentations on the values and beliefs, the discussion sessions following sermons, and the working session that many of you attended. Thank you for all your helpful input, fine-tuning, and creative thinking. Below you will read the finished product of these efforts. Thank you to all. This is the result of a nine-month process in which the congregation, friends and members, and leadership have been engaged.

Core Values:  A Core Value is a verb, not a noun in this usage. It is a positive, predictable behavior pattern.

1. Caring constantly for the well-being of others.
2. Celebrating God’s grace every day in every way.
3. Practicing forgiveness without judgement.
4. Gently accepting everyone.
5. Sharing freely of ourselves and our resources.
6.  Going beyond our comfort zone in the church and community to practice Jesus’ teaching.
7.  Being intentional and purposeful by following Jesus and helping people.
8.  Striving every day to teach, learn and grow.
9.  Listening to God and seeking God’s will for us.
10. Being grateful and thanking God for all God  has given us.
11. Praying for any and all in need.

Bedrock Beliefs 

A Bedrock Belief is a faith conviction that gives you strength in times of trouble. As an example, it is what you would share with a loved one going into emergency surgery.
(This is a suggestion for the people of Community Congregational  Church about what God language to use when sharing the following Bedrock Beliefs. This suggestion is based on the church’s belief in the Trinity, that one God exists in three persons: Father or Creator, Son Jesus, and Holy Spirit. When sharing the Bedrock Beliefs, use whatever God language is most meaningful to you. Some may want to say God, while others may be more comfortable saying Father or Creator, Jesus or Holy Spirit.) 

1. God is always there.  God walks with you on this journey of life.
2. Although it’s difficult to understand your situation, God loves you and will not abandon you.
3. You do the possible; God will do the impossible.
4. Through prayer we experience God’s presence and peace.
5. Our gracious God accepts everyone just as they are.