Drawn In: New Worship Series Begins Sunday, January 20

Do the words “fun,” “deep,” “creative,” and “God” go together in your mind—or in your life? If not, then you may take a particular interest in this series. You may also be interested if descriptors like “stuck,” bored,” “exhausted,” “anxious about the future,” or “in need of better options” fit a little too well in your life right now.

Over the next several weeks we’ll explore the surprising parallels between creativity and the spiritual path. In the process, we’ll uncover some unexpected ways by which a narrow life may open out into more expansive territory, how a flattened life may be revived and once again become three-dimensional, and how we all may find and live into our “sweet spot”—or our sacred Calling—a bit more fully.

In the modern world, there is crucial need for creativity. When you compare the world as it was in the 1950s and the world we live in now, for instance, it quickly becomes apparent that the average person of any age or occupation has been asked—no, required—to respond to shifts that our ancestors only a few generations ago could not have envisioned. The stresses and strains have been extensive. We’ve had to do some pretty quick thinking—and soul-searching—as a species to come out on top of these shifts or even just to keep up with them. Sometimes they seem on the verge of overwhelming us.

History has proven over and over that when the Holy Spirit is at work in people on a vast scale, you get into some pretty “deep shift”! If you think that God is sitting idly by on the sidelines watching all the challenges we face and not doing anything to help us out, think again. Yet whatever God does involves an in-breaking of new awareness. With every awareness we’re called to break out of whatever box we’ve been in and follow the Spirit into new territory.

In this series I will be challenging you with a single question:

Does God live within YOUR dream, or do you live within GOD’s dream?

How you answer this question—not with your lips but with your life—determines the extent that you will truly be happy.

If God’s role in your life is merely to live within YOUR dream, then God must live within the limits of your intelligence and imagination. You define the playing field, and God must play by your rules, stay within your boundaries and timeframe, and play on your side. When you live within God’s dream, however . . . well, let’s just say the playing field becomes far larger than you can imagine. And the game is different.

In the creative process—as in the process of spiritual transformation—you dream God’s dream, then you hover around God’s dream until your response to it comes out of your deepest loves and passions. After a period of hovering, you take the risk of acting on what you’ve discerned. Once you’ve acted, you listen. You listen because you’ve entered new territory and need to pay attention to the new information you receive as a result of being in a new place. Then you reintegrate your listening to further refine the vision and adjust course where necessary. Finally, you rest and celebrate what you and God have accomplished together—which further inspires you to dream all over again.

In this series, we’ll find out how.