Easter 4: “The Dance of Love”

Easter is the unstoppable, unpredictable expression of God’s love for humankind! The call of Jesus is to live fully in the power of that love – alive in each of us.  We learn about that divine love as it is embodied in the person and ministry of Jesus, the one who is compared to a good shepherd. 

Our Gospel scripture is a continuation of the earlier passage in the tenth chapter of John. There Jesus said “I am the gate for the sheep.” Now he says “I am the good shepherd.” So, which is it? Well, are you an offspring or a parent? Are you a sibling or a neighbor? We’ve all got multiple roles to play. Jesus is searching for images that will make sense to us, that will connect with us. We need access and acceptance. Jesus is the door, the entrance, the way into an experience of love and transformation. We need guidance. Jesus is the one who leads us. As we look to him to learn how to love, may our hearts praise the One who raised Jesus and raises us to abundant life and love!

If we are to dance with abandon, we learn and follow – then we can begin to lead. We can learn the steps to the dance of love through the lead of Jesus and those who have gone before us. May we dare to dance even as we continue to learn the way of love.

We will be live-streaming from the church sanctuary this week, so join us on Facebook on Sunday at 10 am (and then later our worship can be found on our church’s website). A printout [Click Here] of our worship details can be seen on our church’s website which you can download or you can see these details on Sunday on Facebook.

We will also have some folks worshiping with us “in-person” this Sunday as a “soft-launch” of our plan to re-open our sanctuary during May as we fully go back to “in-person” worship. If you feel adventuresome, come Sunday and join our worship team.

P.S. I’m preaching this Sunday as Pastor Gaye had to fly to Florida to help her father travel to be with Gaye’s brother and his family in North Carolina. She will be back for worship for May 2.

Grace and Peace,

Rev Glenn