Easter Worship Series

The Heart of the Matter

Friends, this is an extraordinary time for humanity. Many of us never imagined we would be doing church in these types of ways, trying to stay connected while isolated. And things are changing and unfolding to such an extent that we don’t know how to imagine the next few weeks. But we’re putting together a simple series that utilizes lots of voices, and that focuses on “The Heart of the Matter.”

It may feel odd to have moved into the season of Easter, a season of celebration, in the midst of these difficult times. Perhaps it is an opportunity to really take into consideration that, at the heart of our Christian faith, we are called to live our lives in the belief that death is not the final word.

This is why Christians are called “Easter People.” The tomb becomes the womb of new life. We cannot wait for everything to be alright to proclaim our Easter faith of resurrection hope. And so, we, like so many Christians under duress since those first disciples, are invited to worship our everlasting God, and do what we can to help other people experience hope where they are.

For the next few weeks the four movements of the order of worship will be taken from our series theme scripture:

“Day by day, as they spent much time together in the temple,
they broke bread at home and ate their food with glad and generous hearts,
praising God and

having the goodwill of all the people.” (Acts 2: 46-47a)

1) Spend Time; 2) Break Bread; 3) Praise God; 4) Have Goodwill

So, in using this order of worship, we are following our spiritual ancestor’s traditions as outlined in this scripture. We are creating a “temple” of worship in our hearts whether we can be physically together or not. By sharing in words and music and breathing and eating and moving together, we will stay connected. The earliest Christians worshiped in their homes before they had churches, and so will we, until we can meet again in our sanctuaries. Because at the “heart of the matter,” we are connected through the Spirit that makes us one in love.

Each week includes sharing food, so preparations include making a meal or snack to be ready at the time of gathering.

Other items to gather (as we will be using them in worship) are a candle to light and a “worry stone” for each person in your household (a small-ish stone that carries weight and can hold your “worries” each week while we worship).

If you have children with you, you could have them color a heart on our printable coloring sheets (Click Here) every time they hear the word “heart” (of course, this could be for any age person who loves to doodle)

These worship experiences are designed to be interactive enough for all ages and so there is not a “children’s time” per se, but we will introduce many ideas for extending the theme into activities. One of the great things about having the “heart” shape as our visual anchor image is that there are a LOT of fun possibilities).

Last, but not least… there is a dance party involved every week which will do wonders for our immune systems! To that end, Robyn has created a Spotify playlist of “Church Dance Party Music”! which you can find HERE!

A couple of logistical things…

If you could check-in when you join our worship, we would deeply appreciate it! This helps us know how many folks are worshiping with us, but also “who.” This helps a lot when we’re putting together worship, meeting the needs of those who are actually “attending”!

Also, you can enter your Hurts and Hallelujahs in the comments whenever you’d like. If we have them earlier in the service, we can adjust for the broadcast delay on Facebook Live.

Health and Wholeness,
Pastor Gaye