“Elephant in the Pew” Sermon Series starts Sunday, October 14

Has there ever been something you wanted to know about your faith, but were afraid to ask? Well, this is
your chance to ask tough questions about the Bible, church, ethics, or life and get an honest and personal answer back from Pastor Gaye. Maybe it’s a topic or issue that we tend to sweep under the rug or ignore in order to keep the peace, avoid disagreement, or maybe even change… kind of like that proverbial elephant in the room or, in this case, in the Pew.

Over the next three weeks, our worship and preaching will focus on these faith questions, so plan to join us on Sundays in October as we explore some of the questions our congregation posed to Pastor Gaye.

On Sunday, October 14, we will look at the Question: “Does the UCC follow prescribed doctrines? Is that different or similar to other churches?”

October 21 has us asking: “Why do evangelicals feel the term Social Justice is a bad thing?”

Finally, on October 28, Pastor Gaye answers: “ Jesus broke Biblical laws, so how do we know which rules to follow?”