God is still here and somehow, this faith is Good Enough!

We continue our movement through the Lent season this week with another kind of “letting go.” This week we lament that so much in life is out of our control. This is frustrating to us and so sometimes we have been tempted to believe the sayings that tell us if we just “think positively,” we can turn it all around. Yet our experience tells us that this doesn’t always work.

Let us turn ladder-climbing toward the expectation of a perfect life into garden-tending, nurturing “what is” and embracing our holy, good enough, lives.

Let us pray together:

Holy One, Our Light and Salvation, we call out to you,

sometimes afraid of the adversaries in life.

Shelter us in days of trouble, lead us on level paths.

Open us this day to your grace and peace,

transform our frustrations into simple
and good enough moments that fill our days. Amen.

With Health & Wholeness

Pastor Gaye