Historical Sketch

June 21, 1981: Sunday order of worship, Community Congregational Church.

“In the year 1877, Rev. R. T. Cross, Pastor of the Congregational Church a Colorado Springs, began preaching also at Manitou, Holding services on Sabbath afternoon in the school house on Ute Avenue. During the two years that followed several persons from Manitou were received into membership in the Congregational Church at Colorado Springs.

In 1879 it was deemed advisable to organize a church at Manitou. Accordingly those interested in the matter assemble Friday, August 22d, at the house of Mrs. Alice Thurlow. After singing the hymn, “I will guide thee with mine eyes,” prayer was offered by Rev. W. D. Westervelt. The following persons then presented letters from the 1st Congregational Church at Colorado Springs: Mr. and Mrs. Charles Cross, Miss Emma Cross, Mrs. Alice Thurlow, Miss Anna Thurlow, Mrs. Abbie Rogers, Mrs. Sarah Davis, Miss R. Ada Bonner, Mr. and Mrs. John Scott, and Mrs. Hattie Wheeler.
“Rev. W. D. Westervelt and wife presented letters from the Congregational Church at Morristown, N. Y. Mrs. Angeline Beckwith presented a letter from the Presbyterian Church at Point Edwards, Canada, Miss Sylvia Rose Beckwith was received on Confession of faith.

Articles of Faith and Covenant were then read and adopted and officers chosen for the ensuing year.

Pastor-Rev. W. D. Westervelt.
Deacon-Charles Cross.
Clerk-Abbie Rogers.
Treasurer-Chas. Cross.
Collectors-Matilda Cross & Sarah Davis.

The first public services of the Church were held Sunday, August 24, 1879, and were as follows:
Reading Scripture and prayer by the pastor, Rev. W. D. Westervelt.
Statement by Rev. R. T. Cross, giving reasons for organizing a Church at Manitou.
Public assent of the Church members to the Articles of Faith and Covenant.
Right hand of fellowship to the members by the Pastor.
Prayer of Recognition and Consecration, by Rev. John F. Kendall, D.D., of the 1st Presbyterian Church, La Porte, Indiana.
Charge to the Church by Rev. R. T. Cross.
Administration of Sacrament, by the Pastor and Rev. F. A. Noble, D.D., of Union Park Church, Chicago.

This Historical Sketch is taken from “A Manual of the First Congregational Church of Manitou, Colorado,” which was adopted by the Church March 5, 1884.