Is God testing us?

The first thing that bugs me about our Genesis story this week is that … God TESTED Abraham! Does God really do that? According to James, No!… but even Jesus was “tested” (wilderness, by Pharisees, Sadducees & Lawyers). Jesus tested the disciples, they repeatedly failed miserably, but Jesus just kept teaching. In reality the word means “to give experience”,,, more like exercise or training. But you have to wonder… if Abraham got an A+ on this exam then why are there so many loose ends (even lost ends)?

Join us for our Facebook Live virtual worship on the church’s Facebook page ( at 10 am on Sunday as we explore the story of Abraham and his son, Isaac, found in Genesis 22:1-14. You may remember the story: God tests Abraham, instructing him to sacrifice his long-awaited son as a burnt offering; Abraham seeks to follow God’s instructions, but at the very last moment, an angel of God stops him. Later, Abraham finds a ram and offers it up as a burnt offering instead of his child. Abraham called the place, “God provides.”

If you can’t join us on Sunday, look for the video post on Facebook later in the week, or on our website (