Noah and the Ark

Ever wish it would rain?

There are few biblical stories that are as well-known as the Flood. Mention old Noah and his ark to the average person on the street and I’m willing to bet that you would get a fairly decent outline of the story: animals, water, rainbows, the whole deal. The story of the flood and Noah and the ark still captures our imaginations. It’s not at all difficult to find toy arks and Fisher Price animals to fill them (if I’m not mistaken, there is probably a set lurking in our nursery) or even to find a toy Noah himself – usually wearing a brown robe, and a long, flowing white beard. Kids love the idea of all the animals on the boat and the grand exotic adventure that the story seems to signify. 

And it is a great story, after all. A true underdog tale, and we all love an underdog. One righteous man in a world of wickedness with his family and a herd of animals all alone on the raging seas, for day after day as the rains pounded down, and the winds blew, and the animals stank, and the people got sick, and the quarters began to feel cramped… Yet Noah and his ark rode out the storm and made it to the other side. They emerged victorious, ready to begin afresh. A great story indeed! 

Except that there’s a dark side to the story too. 

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Grace and Peace,
Rev Glenn