Welcome to Community Congregational Church of Manitou Springs! Today is the Fourth Sunday of (Expanded) ADVENT.

Don’t forget some of these important points:

  • When we gather for Facebook worship, prepare the place where you’ll be worshipping.  Before worship starts, clean up and clear off the coffee table.  Tidy up the space.  Make it your home sanctuary.  Maybe place a Bible, and some flowers somewhere in the space.
  • Gather the family before online worship starts. Hold hands and say a prayer.  Help everyone transition from sleep, play, and casual time, to worship.
  • Please have a candle with you for worship. We will light our candles together as part of our worship. If you have an ADVENT wreath and candles, please feel free to use it.

Click the link below to follow along with our full order of worship:

Order of Worship November 29, 2020

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