Welcome to Community Congregational Church of Manitou Springs! This week we are discussing again the “Leading Causes of Life” from author Larry Pray. We are focusing on blessing. Blessing is not just a nice thing to say, it is “generative” of life. It is what we do that creates more and more life within ourselves and others and it has been going on for generations. Blessing is about opening up to the channels of love that have been flowing before we came into this world and will flow after we leave it. We are part of a long river of life-giving actions of generosity, kindness, hospitality, and humor.

We are so excited to be worshiping outside! We know you may not feel comfortable worshiping in person just yet, so we are online as always. Want to worship online? We are on Facebook Live at 10am! Let us know you’re watching and share prayer requests in the comments.

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Order of Worship:

Order of Worship October 11, 2020

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