Preserving Our History

Documents dating back to the beginnings of our church.

Our collection of documents have been looked at by many and are the worse for wear. Additionally, many of us might have various documents dating WAY BACK that we have kept and filed for a “later day.” That day has come.

At Executive Council it was decided that we need to get moving on a project to preserve and digitize what we have. First Step: Round Up! You may have collected or filed items from our church: Letters, photos, news clippings, annual reports, etc. Either drop them at the office, call Jean Gabardi for pickup (I can secure a pickup truck if you have THAT many), or contact anyone on the ExCo to drop items with them. Please note that we are happy to scan these and give them back to you. If you want us to preserve and safely store them, we can go this way also.

Note: If you have borrowed any items over the years, we would appreciate getting them back now for this important work. No questions asked.

Second Step: We will begin the process of preserving. Volunteers needed for this. Third Step: We will digitize in such a way as to create full access to our history. Whew. Who knows how the project will shape up over the coming many months, but let’s learn together and get this important work going.

We are looking for documents of ANY kind, any shape, any item even remotely related to our church history. If you have researched our history and would like to include this in our process … it would be most welcome as well.

We estimate the starting cost of this project to be about $300.00. At this time we do not have this project funded. If you can contribute to this valuable effort, please see Rich Baker or Sue Jones. Jean Gabardi can also talk with you on items that need to be purchased for preserving all documents.

If you can spare even one day a month, we will appreciate the help. Call or email J. Gabardi for discussion on the start of this work.