Breathe and Push through my grief….

As we continue exploring “See No Stranger” our author, Valarie Kaur writes in chapter 8 titled “push.”

“When I was finally ready to love myself, I had to learn how to breathe and push through my grief, rage, and trauma. On the other side, I found what seemed utterly impossible before: healing, forgiveness, and even reconciliation. …Healing is the long journey of returning to our bodies. It is a kind of labor that requires breathing and pushing–resting and then going deeper. We must be willing to notice and befriend sensations, including pain and discomfort.”

This Sunday, we continue exploring Revolutionary Love, that after we tended the wound–we breathe, push, and transition, we can now begin the process of Loving Ourselves.

Loving God, whose touch can heal the broken places of life, touch us today…

God of peace, whose spirit of peace can quiet our spirits of confusion and despair,
reassure us today…

Forgiving God, whose call to repentance promises grace upon grace,
place your mercy in our souls today…

You who heal the sick and liberate the imprisoned, who bring justice
in the midst of oppression
and strength in the midst of weakness,
pour out your spirit of power upon us today.

Open our hearts to new faithfulness, redirect our waywardness,
and hold us gently in your goodness.