Reading with Robyn: “The World Needs More Purple People”

This week’s “Reading with Robyn” is a fabulous book that challenges kids to become a purple person by embracing what makes YOU special while finding common ground with those around you. It’s written by Kristen Bell and Benjamin Hart. Robyn’s a big fan of Kristen Bell! Here’s a synopsis:

“The World Needs More Purple People”

What is a purple person? Great question. I mean, really great! Because purple people always ask really great questions. They bring their family, friends, and communities together, and they speak up for what’s right. They are kind and hardworking, and they love to laugh (especially at Grandpa’s funny noises)! A purple person is an everyday superhero! How do you become one? That’s the fun part! Penny Purple will lead you through the steps. Get ready to be silly, exercise your curiosity, use your voice, and be inspired. This book will inspire a whole generation to paint the world purple!