Service Opportunities

Sidewalk Squares of Love I think it would be a really cool thing to reach out to our community with loving, hopeful messages and pretty artwork (from every level of skill) to let them know that just because we aren’t having worship together that they are not far from our hearts!! To that end, we have put a bin of sidewalk chalk on the office front porch. Whenever you and/or your family have time, come choose a “square” of our sidewalk and draw anything you’d like that you think will make folks walking around Manitou (to preserve their sanity) might want or need to see or hear! Be creative!! Be colorful!! Be authentic!!  If you want us to reserve a square for you, just let us know. We’ll put your name on one so we don’t run out before you can get over to decorate it! 

Sewing Masks Our front-line workers are experiencing a serious shortage of masks to protect themselves from getting the virus while they are helping others. Anyone with basic sewing skills can help with these, and we have a big stack of bandannas (donated by Danny White after his mother passed away) that would fit this bill quite nicely!! We will collect them at the church office and donate them to our local hospitals, first responders, and others who are in danger on the “front lines.” What a great way to contribute something of substance that goes to the heart of this crisis!! Please email Arlene Penman ( if you need a pattern. Email Augusta ( if you need some bandannas. 

A Hug from …  I came across and idea for a “kid craft” that would be SO amazing to send to some of our elders who don’t have the technical capabilities to join us online and/or those who do contract the virus. These are simple art projects the kids could do (see image) that we could gather at the church and send to folks who could really use a pick-me-up! A simple heart with the message and arms attached that can wrap around someone with a virtual “hug” from a child in our church. I think this would be one of the best things we could do for those who live alone, who have other health conditions that make it impossible for them to see others easily, or those who live in over 55 communities that have limited visitor access, like nursing homes and retirement centers. 

Planning Team I would really love to gather a group of folks (online) to brainstorm ways we can be a faith community even though we cannot be in person as a group. This would include Holy Week events as well as ongoing Easter-Season opportunities. I have some ideas but it always helps to have more creative folks involved and throwing out ideas! We can make the most of this situation, if more folks want to help make things happen!! Please send me an email ( or a text (719.684.6616) to let me know if you want to be a part of this fun group!

Phone Tree Leader We have put together a phone tree to keep us up-to-date with how everyone is doing, and what needs we have among our community. We would love to have some more folks volunteer to help make calls. If you are one of them, please email Rev. Glenn ( ) to let him know and we will give you some folks to contact.