Stories of My Faith–My Last Sermons: Hagar

God is calling us…     Out of the places we hide…
Out of insecurity…     Out of shame… 
Out from under that which silences love and justice.
Come out, people of God!
Though we may be afraid…    Though we will be at risk
Though the cross stands as a threat
God calls us to courage!
Our God is a god of resurrection. Of new life after devastation. Of hope in the grip of evil.
And so we dare to proclaim, with pride and faith, our truths:
We believe in the power of love.
We believe in solidarity with the suffering.
We believe we are each valuable.
We believe that our togetherness is transformative.
The world is longing for Holy truths that reveal, 
voices that speak real words of hope.
Come out, people of God!

I’ve decided to focus on three of my favorite Bible stories on my last three Sundays. So they will be as follows:

July 3: Esther ... (Esther 4:14) “For Such as Time as This”

(not a direct link to Independence Day, but I will connect them)

July 10:  Hagar … (Genesis 16 & 21) “God Remained With Them”
(God’s love & care for the outcast)

July 17:  Jesus …  (Luke 5, Mark 2) “When He Saw Their Faith”
(power of faith-filled friends)