Table Talk Tuesdays

During Lent, we are offering two different small group studies, gathered around the table and learning from each other, as led by the Revs Gaye & Glenn Bosley-Mitchell. Sessions will be held on the lower level of our Community Hall from 6:00-7:30pm beginning on March 12th.

Each participant will need a study guide ($10 – which can be ordered through the church office) and plan to be present for each session during the six weeks leading up to Easter. We all know that something might cause an absence, but if you anticipate missing several sessions, you might want to plan to participate during another season. Check out the group details below:

You Lost Me, led by Rev Gaye

More than half of all Christian teens and twentysomethings leave active involvement in church. This inter-generational discussion focuses on why the younger generation often sees the church as overprotective, shallow, anti-intellectual, exclusive, repressive, and intolerant of doubt. The faith journeys of the next generation are a challenge to the established church, but they can also be a source of hope for the community of faith.

Embracing Emergence Christianity, led by Rev Glenn

This discussion examines the changing face of Christianity and culture, surveying two thousand years of Western history, identifying the great upheavals that occur in Western culture and Christianity every 500 years. The last was the Great Reformation of the 1500’s; the next is happening now. Where might we be headed next?