We Do! We Live! God Chooses Us to Lead Life!

Humans DO!

We do, lift, reach, touch, dig, study, watch, fight, love, seek, wait, and stand. We do, and thus we live. Sometimes all we have is this doing. Sometimes doing may be enough to keep us alive until the other Leading Causes of Life rise into the space created by our doing. Doing is a kind of thinking, for it embeds and expresses choice among options.

Agency is about doing, even if it is just doing only what we can do in this moment–which doesn’t feel like much sometimes. When our purpose joins with our doing, then we have found our calling. Before he dies, Jesus invites his followers to no longer be servants, but friends who understand they must carry on his actions in the world. They are to become agents of change and possibility. Instead of focusing on problems, we focus on the assets of our community, our friends in Christ, and what is possible.

We continue this Sunday with an outdoor worship service in Manitou Springs Fields Park (just west of the tennis courts on El Paso Blvd) at 10 am (arrive early enough to get fully checked in with the Covid19 requirements for gathering outdoors) for all of those who feel comfortable with that. And as has been our pattern since the middle of March, we will continue to live-stream our worship on the church’s Facebook page and (download the video) to our website. So, join us for worship, Re-gathered under the oaks or virtually through the internet!

Here’s our virtual “Passing of the Peace”

We cannot touch just now, not yet. We cannot shake, embrace,
slap each other on the back, or kiss, not yet.
But the peace that passes understanding is not like a virus.
It doesn’t need to contact to infect, it’s like the Spirit and the wind:
it goes wherever it wills, wherever we send it.
Through webs and nets and wires,
it googles and zooms to everyone whose heart needs peace,
and to every place there is no peace.
And we share it now: the peace of Christ be with you!
And also with you!

With Health & Wholeness,

Pastor Gaye

Rev. Gaye Bosley-Mitchell