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Welcome! We are so glad you are here. Our services will be virtual this month! Join us at www.facebook.com/manitouchurch

Recent News

Order of Worship May 31, 2020

Welcome! Today is the 7th Sunday of Easter! Want to follow along with today’s worship service online? We are on Facebook Live at 10am! Let us know you’re watching and share prayer requests in the comments. Click the link below to follow along with our full Order of Worship: Order of Worship May 31, 2020

Order of Worship – May 24, 2020

We are live on Facebook this morning at 10am! Click here for the link to our Facebook page and for the full Order of Worship.

Getting Ready for Sunday Worship

In preparation for worship, please plan to gather everyone in your household, have food and drink ready to share and celebrate, a candle to light, and a worry stone for each individual.

Holy Happy Hour!

It’s Holy Happy Hour! Every Thursday we’ll be coming together as an online church community to share a few laughs, and maybe a drink or two! You can find the zoom link here.


RSS UCC Daily Devotional

  • No Justice, No Peace June 2, 2020
    We may try to limit the Prince of Peace to our conceptions of law and order … but God knows that where there is no justice, there will be no peace.
  • One Bite June 1, 2020
    With all due respect to Ecclesiastes, which sees every sensory pleasure as a fleeting vanity, denying oneself can also be vanity.