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Brainstorm! Membership & Stewardship

Think, Write, Post Colored Notes, Fellowship Hall Stewardship/Membership Chair, Sharon Astle has called for your ideas, articles, thoughts, and suggestions regarding membership and stewardship. As we move into the annual pledge drive, Sharon is looking for a refresh on these rather historic terms. Post to Bulletin Board in Fellowship Hall. Already many ideas and articles […]


Westside CARES: Needs are High

Several of us attended a meeting of the six pantries that serve the WestSide Cares neighbors this past Friday. Following are some notes from that meeting. Respectfully submitted, Arlene Penman All the agencies involved with distributing food items from Care and Share down to our church’s pantry are experiencing an increase in requests for food. […]

Meet The Interim Pastor

  Jim Reid I am delighted to have the opportunity to serve as your interim pastor and look forward to meeting each of you starting next month, in November. I am also looking forward to Sunday, November 8th, when I will lead my first worship service with you. I feel a strong sense of God’s […]


Rhyming, Counting…Yikes!

Your Haiku and/or Limerick Are Due Now Let the Voting Begin Haiku: 3 lines in length of 5, 7, and 5 syllables. Limerick: The standard form of a limerick is a stanza of five lines, with the first, second and fifth rhyming with one another; the shorter third and fourth lines also rhyming with each […]

SE Association of the Rocky Mountain Conference

Register to Attend! October 17, 10am This year we are the host church and the Conference will be contributing to our Food Pantry. Also the Conference is asking for a limerick or Haiku demonstrating, explaining, and/or representing some aspect each church’s missions. Moderator, Linda O’Riley, has asked for a strong attendance from the congregation including […]


Bell Choir Update

No Bell Choir Rehearsal October 11 Rehearsal Resumes October 18th with Stevie Astley. Marlene Willie is the coordinator for this group. Any questions? Contact Marlene here

Worship Music: October 11th

“Of the Father’s Love Begotten” by Lauren Shackley Flute: Jessica VandeVusse Jessica pictured here with son, Gerrit


Hymns and Scripture Sunday: Oct. 11th

Sunday Worship Service This worship service will be devoted to the congregation’s favorite scriptures and hymns. Church moderator, Linda O’Riley has had requests that a Sunday be devoted to what the congregation would like to see and sing for worship. So let’s submit hymn requests ahead of time, just for the sake of helping our […]


Thursday, October 8th: Reminder

October 8th, 6:30pm Women’s Fellowship (WF) Fall Meeting will be meeting downstairs in the north room of Fellowship Hall.  On the agenda: Discussion and final plans for the SE Association Meeting on October 17 and November Re-cycled Christmas Event on November 13th and 14th. For the Association Meeting, WF will be serving morning snacks and […]


Where’s The Food?

Pantry Needs This week: Dry Spaghetti and Sauce, Spam Week of October 11th: Beans, Rice a Roni, Canned Potatoes Our food pantry is part of Westside CARES and has been serving the community since 1982. The month of September brought XX adults, X children, XX families. Additionally, the Women’s Fellowship group offers a free bible […]

Steve Brown in the Pulpit: October 4

  Community Church welcomes Rev. Stephen Brown of Westside CARES Sermon: “What is the Job of a Christian?” This Sunday is recognized in many Christian communities around the world as “World Communion Sunday.” Steve will deliver a message that will connect what we are doing in Manitou Springs with what other Christians around the world […]


Hand Bell and Youth Choirs

We held the first rehearsal of the MSCCC Hand Bell Choir this Sunday, Sept 20th.  Everyone was involved in playing one or two bells from our 36 bell collection.  Proper ringing technique was discussed and demonstrated as well as some basic music fundamentals.  On Sunday, September 27th, we began to play our first song and […]


Haiku Anyone? How About a Limerick?

Executive Council declares $25.00 award! Submit Here! Reminder going out to everyone who wants to dabble in their creativity. This is a real opportunity to promote our church and its missions. Only one winner will be selected via a vote by the entire congregation. See the Bulletin Board in Fellowship Hall as all entries will […]

Church in Action: Youth Worship Service

Last Sunday, September 27th The entire Worship Service was conducted by the youth of our church. A huge shout-out going to these brave, articulate, confident, original, engaging students. The subject they identified and worked into all levels of the service: Change! Scripture: Romans 12:2 “Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be […]


Be Sure to Register!

SE Association of the Rocky Mountain Conference October 17, 10am Many churches will come together for this fall meeting. This year our church will host the gathering. In return the attendees from the many churches will donate to our Food Pantry. Also included in this is the food pantry at Westside CARES which is in […]


RSS UCC Daily Devotional

  • Rest. October 8, 2015
    Vince Amlin The right time for sabbath is not when our work is finished, but when it has piled up until we cannot see over it into a hopeful future.
  • Caught October 7, 2015
    Matt Laney Jesus won't wait for you to be perfect before calling you to follow him. Not even Jesus has that much time.
  • Keep the Paradox October 6, 2015
    Martin B. Copenhaver In Jesus the distant and majestic creator of the heavens and the earth becomes Emmanuel, that is, "God with us."
  • Power Position October 5, 2015
    Molly Baskette The benefit of confession is that, by admitting our weaknesses, to our God and to ourselves, we come into our strength.
  • Unconditional Compassion October 4, 2015
    John A. Nelson Lest there be any doubt: despite this teaching from Jesus, I know that divorce is often necessary, usually hard, and the people involved need our compassion, not our judgment.
  • You Are So Special, You Know October 3, 2015
    Jennifer Garrison Brownell My Grammy wrote thousands, maybe tens of thousands, of letters in her life. This is the only one I have, and I didn't even know I had it until I started going through an old box last week.
  • Transplant October 2, 2015
    Quinn G. Caldwell I was sitting in a hospital room, talking with a member of my church about the new (well, new to her, anyway) kidney that was just then firing up inside her.  We were talking gratitude and miracles.

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