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Interim News

In a recent sermon, I quoted from Phyllis Tickle, a keen observer of today’s church, who said that every 500 years God throws the church up in the air to shake things up so a new kind of church can emerge.  We are living through such a shaking up that brings a lot of frustrations.  […]


Weekly News: Pastor Jim

Scripture Reading:  Luke 11:37-44 Sermon:  Discipleship:  When Religious Details Are in the Way (first of a four-part series) “Now be sure to wash your hands before dinner,” a father says to his child.  In the reading from the Gospel of Luke, Jesus’ Jewish opponent was amazed when Jesus didn’t wash HIS hands before eating.  For […]

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Worship Service Music: August 21

Mary Henson will be the guest soloist this Sunday. Please plan to welcome Mary and her new hip! Worship Service 10 a.m. with Coffee Fellowship to follow.

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Sunday School: August 21

“Breaking The Rules” Our focus scripture will be Luke 13:10-17.  What are things that are a heavy burden to us, they weigh us down? Jesus can help us to release those burdens.  We will have a craft to help us express those burdens. I look forward to seeing you all on Sunday, August 21 at […]


Church Yard Sale: Success!

A heartfelt thank you going out to all for the successful yard sale, the best one yet! Furniture items sold well along with household goods and gently used clothing. The clothing are distributed 3 bags and all the baby clothes to Westside CARES, 4 bags to The Hangar, 5 boxes and 5 bags to Springs Mission […]


Historical Tidbit: Parsonage aka the Church Office

The original parsonage was built in 1883-1885 and was replaced in 1900. This original parsonage was moved behind the church, used as a rental, and later became part of the Fellowship Hall. The new parsonage named “Community House” was built as an 8-room frame construction during the pastorate of a Methodist minister, Rev. Frances Hayes […]

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Your Offering: Electronic Setup With Your Bank

As we round the turn or halfway point in this year, it is time to start thinking of our annual pledge drive. A easy way to contribute to your church is with an electronic payment option. Here are the facts, revisited from earlier this year: Electronic/Automatic Payment Options or “Bill Pay” The suggested method for donating […]

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RoMoCo Newsletter August 17: What Other Churches are Doing

  Black Forest Festival: A 50+ Year Tradition Mona Navalta, Member at Black Forest Community Church For the past several years, Black Forest Community Church has been working hard to be a welcoming place for Festival Goers during the long-running Black Forest Festival. The first year our church participated, we gave out free water bottles and sold […]


Medical Items To Loan

We Have Medical Devices To Loan Pictured here are the items we have on hand for your safety and help as you or your loved ones face some of life’s challenges. See Jane Hart for help with these items


Pocket Blessing: Healing

Dear Lord, I thank You for being with us through thick and thin, in the best of times and in the most challenging times. You are the rock of stability as we deal with health issues, healing challenges, and the emotional upps and downs that accompany our search for health and wellness. With You, we discover serenity and the […]


Interim Notes

Search Committee There are two important ways that Community Church is moving forward this month.  The first is nominating people for the Search Committee.  This is a reminder that nominating forms were included in an all-church email last week and will be included again in the worship bulletin for this coming Sunday.   Forms need to […]


Interim News

Nominations for Search Committee This month, the Executive Council is receiving nominations for the Search Committee, which will conduct the search for Community Church’s next pastor.  A nomination form is being made available in two ways.  Later this week, the form will be included in an email to the congregation.  For the next two Sundays, […]


Directory Update: It’s About Time!

Greetings All Yes, we are starting work to update all information in our church directory. With the dawn of this current electronic era, it will be electronically available! And yes, we will plan to print very few copies for those special few. Jane Hart and Cathy Karr are the project managers for this good work, won’t […]


August Celebrations!

Please join us in congratulating these people on their special datesAugust Birthdays: Party On! Aug. 2  –  Tim Phillips Aug. 3  –  Susan Nygren Aug. 5  –  Joyce Shiffler Aug. 6  –  Ernie Adams Aug. 10  –  Paula Fling Aug. 14  –  Denise Deming Aug. 19  –  Dan Stuart Aug. 20  –  Rhoda Cordry Aug. […]

Eating Right

Stock. Those. Shelves.

Items for the Food Pantry? Easy. Peasy. Cereal, peanut-butter and jelly are always useful.  As are canned fruits and juices.