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Welcome! We are so glad you are here. Our services will be virtual this month! Join us at www.facebook.com/manitouchurch

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Order of Worship March 29

Join us on Facebook Live this morning for Worship! Click here for the Order of Worship so you can follow along.

Doing church in the time of Coronavirus…

I pray you and your family and friends are all well!  It seems like our world is changing exponentially, not just week by week, but day by day and sometimes hour by hour. As of my writing of this, we now have 8 corona virus cases in El Paso County, 216 across Colorado, cases in all […]

Service Opportunities

Sewing Masks Our front-line workers are experiencing a serious shortage of masks to protect themselves from getting the virus while they are helping others. Anyone with basic sewing skills can help with these, and we have a big stack of bandannas (donated by Danny White after his mother passed away) that would fit this bill quite […]

Order of Worship March 22

We are so glad you’re joining us virtually this fourth Sunday of Lent! Follow along with our order of worship here.


RSS UCC Daily Devotional

  • Honest to God April 2, 2020
    I wonder if Jesus prayed the psalms in the days before going to Jerusalem. I wonder if it gave him comfort that he could be that honest with God about his terror and grief.
  • Noah's Advice April 1, 2020
    I miss the future. All I can see is a different future: the end of the office, the end of school, the end of church. The end. We are on this journey without a map, without guides.