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Faith In Action


We encourage our church family to care for and know one another. Our church offers a range of social, learning and volunteer opportunities that help strengthen our participants as individuals and as a community.


Creating Community

Creating community is an essential part of the Christian life. It gives us a way to have common experiences and deepen our journey together. We have taken it one step further and have committed ourselves to building up the Manitou Springs community as well.


Worship and Arts

Community Congregational Church invites art into worship. We have a choir that sings every Sunday and we have a bell choir that performs once a month. In worship, we sing and listen to a variety of kinds of music. We also use visuals from technology and art installations to our historic stained glass windows. We believe that the art, music, poetry and theater enhance our relationship with a creative and creating God.

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Service and Outreach

As Christ's hands and feet, it is our joy and our responsibility to respond to the needs of our world. We support  organizations like Westside Cares, Manitou Elementary Church, La Puente in Alamosa and more.

Our church's emergency food pantry operates every Friday afternoon from1:00-3:00p.m. in the church's office building. Clients are primarily referred to us from Westside CARES. This valuable service has run successfully since1982. Contact us to volunteer.


Study and Personal Faith

We are a curious congregation and love to learn more about Scripture. Using the Bible as a tool, we find our story in God's Great Big Story.


Caring Ministry

We have loving, empowered people who care for the sick, the vulnerable and the elderly in our community. Please reach out if you need a caring visitor, minister or if you would like to join the caring ministry team.


Women's Fellowship

The purpose of the Women’s Fellowship to enlist the women of the Church in a fellowship of worship, education, service and giving to support the program of the Community Congregational Church as it serves the cause of Christ in the community and throughout the world. Any woman who subscribes to this purpose may be a member of the Women’s Fellowship!

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