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Leadership at Manitou Community Church

The best church leader is a team. At Community Congregational Church, we’re blessed with an outstanding group of dedicated paid and volunteer leaders who conduct services, run events and keep our community on a clear spiritual path.


Rev Heather McDuffee


Let me introduce myself. I’m Reverend Heather McDuffee. I began ministry more than 20 years ago in Boulder, CO. I have been an Associate Minister in Boulder, CO and in Canton, Ohio and a Lead Pastor in Colorado Springs. I am passionate about social justice ministry and action, from racial justice ministry to food and healthcare equity. Other than ministry, I live with my future wife, Brandy, and my two smart and sassy tweenaged girls. I love singing, talking about the Enneagram, looking for art for my next tattoo, hiking with my Chihuahua, listening to '90's hip hop, working in my gardens and trusting God with it all


Pryncess Favors

* record scratch* *freeze frame*

Yep, that's me! You're probably wondering how I got here. Well, Let me tell you!  I specialize in making things pretty, strategic planning, project management and American Sign Language Interpretation. I focus on providing opportunities for career and life skills, financial freedom whilst doing the work on the inside and recreating the "whole" person. Lets go, Lets grow! 

I believe diversity, equity and inclusion must be integrated into the fabric of an organization in order to transform how staff, volunteers and community create inclusive work environments and high impact program strategies. I love glitter, Jesus, comfy clothes, stilettos, and most of all adventures with my little friends. 

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Stevie Astley



Image by Rafik Wahba

Susan Doherty



Lyn Ettinger-Harwell




Maribeth Peiniger


Moderator in 2022.

Council for 2023

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